Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Chase or Not To Be Chased

Yesterday the girls were full of energy and were chasing each other around my apartment. And by chasing I mean really Rosy chasing Sunny around. While I think this is one of the things that must go through their heads, don't feel too bad for Sunny because I think she secretly enjoys it sometimes. Most of these chasing zoomies are actually instigated by her! I guess she just likes being the chasee and not the chaser.

And here's a video of their craziness from yesterday.


  1. Sunny does look pretty happy at the end of the video, so I think you're right that sometimes she enjoys being pursued!

  2. She really is flashing that winning smile at the end. And, I loved the butt-tuck/snort combo she used to start things off, from atop the couch. Your girls are the best.

  3. Omg the video... So funny!! I love the dramatic length on the panting lol. Totally sums up the video.