Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Things I Don't Love About My Pug

And with the sweet, comes the sour. Here are a few things about Sunny that I DON'T love.


  1. So cute! Seems it's easy to put up with a lot of a pug's antics though...they know how to get us just where they want us.

  2. Tugging on a leash can be bad for pugs.

    I think one way to train them out of it is to stop dead whenever they tug, and not start walking until they stop. Dogs generally like to go a little faster than humans, and they're impatient. They learn that they get to go faster when then tug, so you instead teach them that tugging makes them go slower.

    I think I'd happily put up with all those things for a pug as cute as Sunny though!

  3. Tugging is why I use a body harness (I should get one for me, too.) But I cannot help but love them sneezes and everything!

  4. OMG my Fred does everything in this drawings! so funny!

  5. Bug, my pug, screams like a banshee when I trim his nails.

  6. Chunk does a lot of these things too. The one that drives us all crazy is when he sneezes on us. It's gross!