Thursday, January 2, 2014

Work v Home

I'm kinda taking this whole going back to work after the holidays badly.


  1. At least you have two adorable pugs waiting for you at home. :)
    I used to LOVE coming home to see my dogs and cats. Sadly, I moved out to what I found to be as a "no pets allowed" apartment. Bummer. :/

  2. It totally sucks to go back to work after a nice break with lots of snuggle time with your pugs. Many years ago, I remember crying when I went from having a job where I could bring my dog with me to a job where no dogs were allowed. I was so despondent about the whole thing that I tried to device a way to sneak my girl in and hide her under my desk. Eventually I adjusted...Now I am super thankful to work from home and chill with Rupert. Maybe some day you will get to do the same. :)

  3. Haha, I totally get that! Had to work today after digging out the car. Ugh!