Thursday, January 23, 2014

Go Away Polar Vortex!

We all love a good snow day, but this polar vortex is out of control. Just stop it polar vortex. No one likes you. Sunny and Rosy are especially hating having to get decked out in their winter gear. Getting those stupid booties on their feet adds about 10 minutes to our walks!

I love winter usually with the cold brisk days, the warm yummy comfort foods, and the layers of clothes that hide my holiday weight gain. But I am not loving these freezing temperatures, chapped hands and lips, crazy commutes on the metro with cracked rails, and torturous walks with the girls that just lead to poop and sometimes pee strikes.

We're done with you polar vortex. DONE.
Go away polar vortex and don't come back! We don't don't want to ever see you again!
(If you're curious about where I got all the girls' winter gear, check out my new FAQs page here.)


  1. Advice my pug Pierre:
    " hey girls, just poop on the carpet, much warmer!"


  2. OMG... love your pugs!! I need to feature mine on the blog more, usually though due to age differences and personalities one is hyper/young and one is slow/older so taking a picture of them in the same shot is rough!


  3. It "snowed" in TX (where I live) yesterday and I was not happy when I had to take my pug out to use the bathroom. I can't imagine what it's like taking TWO dogs out in a place that actually has a real winter. Kudos to you!