Monday, September 30, 2013

Six Stages of Watching The Breaking Bad Finale (Warning: Spoilers!!)

This post and the illustration below will be about the series finale of Breaking Bad that aired last night.  While I didn't include full and detailed spoilers, if you haven't watched the finale yet and don't want to get spoiled, stop reading right now!!
Last night I watched the series finale of Breaking Bad and loved every minute of it. It's so rare for a great show to consistently get better over its seasons and finish with an amazing finale that ties up almost all loose ends and bring various character arcs to a satisfying conclusion. While a show can't show the future of every single character (well I guess they kinda did that with Six Feet Under), what the creators and actors of Breaking Bad did was to flesh out each of the characters so well that you can kind of predict what the likely paths are for these amazingly real and complex characters. There was a lot of closure in this episode but without any cheesiness like you see sometimes in other shows.  I'm really going to miss this series because this is drama (on TV or in the theater) at its best.

I wanted to do a drawing of the different stages I went through in watching the finale. I've mentioned before that I think of Breaking Bad as like a Greek or Shakespearean tragedy where you go through such an extreme emotional roller coaster. Because this was a larger illustration than what I normally do I had to use a different paper and this paper sucked so much with my pens!  I almost didn't finish this or post it since I know not everyone watches this show but by the time I had finished the pencil sketches and was going over it with ink, I didn't want to scrap the drawing and start over. So I continued on but it was like tugging the pen nib along the paper and now my wrist is killing me and I'm having to ice it. Stupid tendonitis. Ok if you've made it this far through the post then I assume you are willing to see my drawing. I'll post a censored version first so as to not spoil anyone who might have my blog post link set to show thumbnail images and below that is the uncensored version.

Censored verison
Uncensored version: