Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Pugs and The Wolf

These collared pugs don't agree with this starving, yet free, wolf. A pug's #1 priority is to make sure it gets fed and fed well! I also don't think pugs are capable of living on their own in the wild anyways. With their smushed faces, bulging and often scratched eyes, floppy ears prone to infections, wrinkles that need regular cleaning, need for regular feedings, and constant desire for human attention and affection, I think pugs are just not meant to live in the wild.

Moral: A full belly is worth ANYTHING to a pug.


  1. This is really offensive and speciesist. Wolves are wild animals. Don't snatch a pup away from its parents over stupid kibble.
    And it's funny how you say pugs won't survive in the wold when most of the stray dogs in my state are PUGS.