Thursday, September 22, 2016

Problems Every Small Dog Understands

Rosy has a weird relationship with our neighboring dogs. She generally fears/hates strange dogs, especially big ones, as I don't think she was properly socialized with her prior family or maybe she had a bad experience. But she sees our neighboring dogs on a daily basis so she's kind of used to them and super intrigued by them.

The German Shepard mix that lives next to us is so patient with Rosy. Just a few days ago, Rosy barked at her (as usual) and then calmed down enough to sniff. But Rosy's so tiny she can practically walk under most big dogs. Next thing I know, Rosy's standing up on her back legs, her front paws planted on the big dog's butt cheeks, and sniffing deeply. She really got in there!

Sunny and I were mortified.


  1. Oh, that is hilarious but I definitely would have been hiding behind a bush or something. My pug will sometimes express interest in a new dog at doggie daycare by trying to hump it, which is inexcusable. He could at least wait till I've gone.

  2. My Herbie will purposely hold his poo until we get to the pit bulls house and then take his time as pugs do to find the perfect place all the while these two pit bulls are slavering for our blood. They don't bark normal they sound like they are barking and gargling at the same time and they want to savage you. Herbie is a sadist and gets off on working them into a frenzy while I beg him to hurry up with his business.