Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pain in The Wrist

I haven't been posting as much recently for a few reasons.  The main one was that I got super busy at work over the summer and was working long hours and didn't have much energy to put into new drawings.  I did post occasionally when I got an idea, but I try not to post here just for the sake of posting and so if I don't have any good ideas I just don't post.  I'm also hitting a pug drawing block, which has happened to me in the past a couple times. 

All of this is coinciding with my trying to figure out what I want to do with this in the future.  I've been thinking about whether I should branch out into non-pug drawings like I did in the beginning, or keep trying to think of new ways to do pug drawings.  I guess I'm just stuck in a rut lately.  I haven't taken a long vacation for a while and I think I'm just having some mental burn out from everything.

Another big reason for the decrease in posts, especially in the past few weeks, is that I've developed tendonitis in my right wrist and so holding a pen for too long can make my wrist ache and after a while I get some weakness in my fingers.  Even doing this simple drawing made my wrist ache and I had to put on a splint afterwards.  My tendonitis is most likely tied to the long hours I've been spending at work recently, but I bet that another cause is lugging around my two fat pugs, as shown in this drawing!  I kid, I kid!  Sorta.  It also doesn't help that my right wrist is Sunny's favorite chin rest.

This is the splint I've been wearing recently.
It does not come with pug magnets (sadly).  I just had those handy and thought I'd pugify my splint for the photo! But the pug fur decorating the splint and stuck in the velcro is there for always!


  1. Oh that sucks! Sorry you've been busy at work and sorry you're hurt. Maybe when you feel better, you could branch out into other doggies? I love love love your pug drawings, but I wouldn't mind seeing other breeds or even other things here. Your sense of humor and keen observational skills are what make this blog fun, not just the pugs!

  2. Sorry about the wrist! Love your work also! A favorite web visit definately. What if Sunny and Rosy went on a journey? THey could meet other breeds--and compare and contrast, and have adventures. It could be a running story line. I just love everything you've done with your art--someday you'll be published! Also, Sunny and Rosy could have thoughts too--that the girl--you wouldn't know about, until the reader sees them!

  3. sorry to hear about your wrist! i developed tendinitis in my right wrist during law school. i ended up getting 4 cortisone shots in that wrist (over the course of about 2 or 3 years). i think i had to get the last shot after we got bowie and i blame lifting his fat butt haha. then i got it in my left wrist and ended up having minor surgery to correct that one back in december sigh. but it's supposed to usually clear up for most people with just one shot. as for pug drawings - i love your drawings and hope you find inspiration again after a well-deserved vacation! maybe you could do drawings of pugs in movies, like titanic or wizard of oz, etc? good luck getting some rest!! (that should also help your wrist!)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. Fell better, work less and stick to pugs (they make you happy). Here's an article of pug stuff, you already know that might bring on some ideas.

    By the way Rosco, my pug, says: Stay Calm and keep on puggin'

  5. It's hard to keep your enthusiasm and creativity up when you're that tired out - physically and mentally. A stretch of long work hours will do that to you. When you can, give yourself time to rest. You're good at what you do here. I bet it will come back to you when you have the mental space for it. I love your pug-related stuff, myself. I love that even your cooking blog includes pics of your funny girls, hoping for some bites of good food. Hope you get a chance to take care of yourself, soon. :)

  6. I just wanted to let you know how much your blog has made me smile, your illustrations are just lovely! I live in a shared, rented house in London and am definitely not allowed a day i will have one, however I feel I have had a good hit of pug love today by reading your posts and look at the pictures of your very cute two.

    I do hope you have a new wave of inspiration and I look forward to seeing the results of it soon.

    I hope your arm gets better soon!