Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fear Leads to Anger

So I've been needing some inspiration lately and sadly it came in the form of a stressful morning today with the girls acting very badly! Rosy has some fear aggression with some of the big dogs that live near us. Some of them she loves and others she goes crazy at and sinks low to the ground and then lunges at them. It doesn't help that there are some dogs that are aggressive as well and instigate the growling fights.

This morning we came out of the elevator and were surprised with one of the unfriendly big dogs right at the door. It snapped at us and Rosy went ballistic. And anytime Rosy loses it, Sunny snaps at and pushes into Rosy to regulate her. So this is all going on as my other neighbors walk by shocked. By that point the instigating unfriendly dog has been pulled into the elevator so all people now see are two crazy pugs. They didn't start this mess but it's still embarrassing when people who don't know the situation walk by thinking I have crazy pugs (I do, but it's only ok for me to say that!). After that, Rosy wasn't feeling any other dogs today and snapped at one her own size and then refused to eat breakfast. So not a good start to the day at all. I know part of it isn't her fault, but I do still need to work on Rosy's interactions with other dogs. Sunny simply ignores mean dogs and walks away, but now that we have Rosy Sunny usually gets involved trying to keep Rosy in check.

The drama never ends with these two.


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