Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pack Lightly

I came up with the idea of pugs in bags for the phrase "pack lightly" because my pugs, especially Sunny, are anything but light and the idea cracked me up for some reason.  It was hard enough carrying or picking up Sunny when needed but now with two pugs it's even harder.  But as I was coloring this in I also thought of another meaning for this drawing and the phrase.  If there was ever an emergency and I had to pack only the things that matter the most to me, if all I walked away with were Sunny and Rosy I'd be happy and consider myself lucky.

I finally got some more markers and paper and was enjoying coloring in with better shades for me and the pugs.  My previous markers were too dark to accurately portray us so I'm a happy camper.  And good paper for the right medium makes all the difference!  Next step is to upgrade my scanner at some point.


  1. Strange you write about this. I had a nightmare only a few days ago about a home invasion while at home with Bao alone. I remember being at the front door trying unsuccessfully to keep the door shut after mistakenly opening it and realizing my mistake. I finally gave up ran to the family room where Bao was barking like crazy as she always does when anyone rings the bell. I scooped her up, threw her in the basement and slammed the door on her because of my fear that my assailants would harm my barking dog. So there goes the old saying "save yourself first" no way with my pug. She comes first.

  2. This illustration and the concept behind it makes my heart smile!


  3. Sooo cute....I actually put my smaller pug "lucy" in a backpack for one of our walks....and the other pug "piggles" made the whole trail! So the pug bag is the way to go sometimes!! Love it!