Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ninja Pug Is Back!

A while ago I did a quick sketch of a character I named Ninja Pug (see Ninja Pug's first post here). I loved the idea of a chubby, clumsy pug taking herself way too seriously and thinking she's a superhero ninja defending her home and neighborhood.

Before I got Rosy I did a few drawings of Sunny turning into Ninja Pug every day after I leave for work. I think I'll start doing some more drawings of Ninja Pug and maybe introduce Rosy as her sidekick. But for now, here's one of the illustrations I did a while ago of a rotund and not-so-stealthy Ninja Pug.


  1. Great idea!! I want to see Ninja, Sunny and Shinobi, Rosy : )

  2. So cute! And funny!

  3. keep the cute chihuahua neighbor!!