Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pug Yoga

After hearing about the Boston Marathon bombing, I came home sad about the tragic events. When things like this happen I become obsessive with reading all the news updates. Luckily this time around I have Sunny and Rosy who managed to bring some brightness into my day. They seemed to know they were needed and proceeded to have the snortiest, funniest, and laziest pug battle ever. My thoughts are with the people of Boston and those affected. At the same time I know that we must endure and continue to find the good, even the silly, in the world.

So in keeping with this mentality I wanted to post a new drawing I did inspired by the girls' favorite yoga poses. Sunny's favorites are the kinda lotus pose and the sloppy tree pose (aka dancing and reaching for treats). Rosy's favorites are downward facing pug, upward facing pug, and pawstand (aka peeing handstand weirdo).

Here's Rosy doing a downward facing pug.
Followed by a smooth transition to upward facing pug.
Here is Sunny doing a sloppy tree pose for some baby carrots.
And Sunny's all time favorite is the kinda lotus pose.
Unfortunately I don't have a photo of Rosy's pawstand because people tend to look at me funny when I take photos of my dogs while peeing. I still try but it's hard to capture the pawstand since it happens so quickly!  I do have a photo of Rosy doing a pawstand! I had forgotten about this one.  She can get her butt even higher in the air sometimes!

And here's a video of the girls' silly fight that cheered me up.


  1. We LOVE yoga in our house and we LOVE this blog post! Thanks for sharing the yoga love :)

    Our favorite pose is savasana aka napping like a champ ;)

    Scarlet & Meredith

  2. Feeling sad about Boston, so this put a smile on my face.

    As a pug owner who does yoga, this is one of my favorite entries of yours. :)

  3. I didn't think I could love this illustration any more, but to have the photo accompaniments...well, that just put me over the top!

    Sunny, Rosy, thank you for bringing silliness on a regular basis!


  4. Totally agree, having dogs in your life brings happiness every day, but there are certain days when they are the only bright spark in the day. And that makes them even more special than ever.
    This morning, due to a door malfunction, I did spaniel meditation. And no, it wasn't a great meditation session, but I smile now every time I think about it, so that must be a good thing right?
    Lovely post, thanks.

  5. haha love the accompanying photos. I love when mine do the upward/downward facing dog poses. hilarious!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  6. This brought such brightness to my day!

  7. lindo demais !!! bubu meu pug manda milhões de beijos!

  8. Paw stand.... she is so talented! Now, if all the humans can love each other like pugs love their humans and food, this world will be a much nicer place.