Saturday, June 9, 2012

Red Rover

All of the children's songs I've been doing recently made me think of other things from my childhood.  One of my favorite games when I was really little was Red Rover.  Do kids still play that nowadays?  I can still remember that feeling of anxiety and dread as soon I realized that the person who we called over was heading straight to one of the barriers with my arms.  So here are some pugs playing Red Rover, with a red Rover.


  1. I love the red Rover ref! I was known as not being very strong, so I was definitely targeted as a the weak link in the line... Thanks for all the fun memories these posts have generated!

    1. Thanks Colleen! I really enjoyed walking through memory lane with these children's songs and games too! I ran out of ideas for now but maybe a new one will pop into my mind when I least expect it!