Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pug Chauffeurs

During today's long run I tried thinking of some new pug drawing ideas and thought it would be fun to do some pug jobs/careers.  I thought of so many great ideas but once I got home all I could remember was pug chauffeur.  Ah well, good enough.  So here's a drawing of some pugs doing a very poor job of driving my car.  But they sure look darn cute driving recklessly!

Because of my inability to draw straight and do perspective properly, coupled with my poor ability to draw cars or anything mechanical, I did a pencil sketch first to make sure I got the dimensions as best as I could.  But I hate doing pencil drawings first.  I mean I like that I can do a more precise drawing, but after I go over it in pen, whenever I erase the pencil marks, it picks up a lot of the ink.  This happens no matter what pen or ink I'm using and is such a pain!  I then have to go over all the lines again which is just creating another opportunity to mess up.  Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent this?  Maybe it's the eraser I'm using?  I have one of those gray kneaded erasers.  I like the spontaneous looseness of just starting with pen and seeing how it goes, but it sucks when I mess up one part of it and have to start over.

Anyways, time to think of the next pug job.  Hmm.....


  1. Chef! I love food as much pugs love!

  2. Pug Police Officer???
    Pug Firefighter???
    Pug Gardener???
    Pug Pizza Delivery Guy???

  3. Oooh great suggestions Ana and mattamber! I had chef and gardener lined up already so expect to see those soon!

  4. Maybe your ink isn't completely dry before you begin to erase? How about pug baker?

    1. Ginna - thanks, maybe it is because I don't let it dry completely. I am so impatient so it's hard for me to wait! I'll try to give it more time next time.