Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quick Sketches #1

I'm trying to improve my general drawing skills and perspective by drawing as often as I can.  I'm also just not used to drawing again so I struggle to think of ideas of what to draw and how to draw them.  While I'm trying to get back into drawing and keeping it low pressure, I do think I should be drawing more to just get back into the habit of it.  There's only so many times I can draw my pug and apartment so lately I've been using old photos as sources.  It's kinda fun walking through memory lane when going through these photos.  I'm doing pretty quick sketches - just trying to get volume in now to get used to drawing often.  So I'll be posting some of them here so I can keep track of them and hopefully see some progress!

Here's my first batch of quick thumbnails and sketches:
The top is my mom and me at my law school.  Ack I just realized I didn't finish the building behind us!  Haha that's why there are only a few windows.  Bottom is me and my middle sister.  I think that I kinda got my face right, but that totally doesn't look like my sister.
Some random sketches of me, my sisters, and my niece and nephew up top.
Sketch of me at Jeju Island (love those strange statutes you see everywhere) up top and then little me in Monterey (I think ??) in the bottom.
This is from one of my favorite pictures of me and my sisters.  It's pretty dark because my dad took it when it was dusk.  I love how sisterly we look all holding hands and caught in a candid moment.  I always like candid shots the best.  Maybe one day I'll work on this one a bit more to make a more polished and final piece with watercolors.

So this was the first post with some quick, very rough and small sketches.  I'm looking forward to doing more and progressing!

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