Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Studio Living

For the four years I lived in New York I lived in a tiny studio apartment.  At first it was because I was starting out and wanted to live cheaply and I assumed I'd move on to a bigger and better apartment in the near future. But I hate moving and looking for new apartments and my rent never increased that much.  Plus as my job got worse and worse I decided it would be better to just stay in my tiny studio and save up, what I liked to call, my running away money.  Notice that I am hugging a pug pillow, and not a real pug, since I was pugless at this time.  I like to call these the dark years.

Anyways, the walls were super thin, plus sounds traveled through the vents and I had one set of neighbors who would fight almost daily.  One day I overheard them fighting and the girl yelled that she didn't want to even be near him and he yelled back, "Fine!  Where are you going to go you idiot?  It's a f*&@#ing studio!"  Even in my tiredness and annoyance at their constant fighting, that totally made me LOL.


  1. This one's pretty depressing and real. That's what makes it sooo good.

    When I first started art school in Pasadena I couldn't find a place to live so I settled for a 3 story rooming house. To this day the most depressing/weird place I ever lived. A loudmouth 90 year old alcoholic on the first floor, a crazy woman on the second floor who would have angry arguments with herself every night, amongst other weirdos who lived there. The place stunk like 100 year old carpets. One bathroom to each floor. Pretty bad.

  2. Thanks Ted! Yeah this one I dug out from my sad recent past. It's amazing the crazy and weird places one's capable of living in. I totally sympathize with you on your Pasadena experience - that sounds horrible!