Monday, November 21, 2011

Chocolate Binge at 30 Rock

One weekend my coworker/friend, Fritillaria, and I were in the office all day and into the early evening.  We were so disgruntled we decided to cheer ourselves up by getting delicious chocolate treats at La Maison du Chocolat (if you're ever there I highly recommend the Bacchus and the standard champagne truffles) and a shopping trip at Anthropologie.  But we must have been dazed from the long day at the office because we didn't think about how that area would be crazy with tourists since the tree at Rockefeller Center was lit.  Fritillaria had bought extremely large pillows at Anthropologie and we were pushing through the largest crowd ever.  We finally found a random vestibule that was relatively uncrowded and gorged on our chocolates there.  All in all, a worthwhile trip.  Although since that night, I always made it a point to avoid Rockefeller Center once the tree was lit.

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