Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Watching Their Stories

I have the tv on almost all the time, even if I'm not really watching it just so I have some background noise.  Sunny doesn't really care about the tv, but Rosy loves watching her stories.  Seriously.  She'll watch anything.  And she gets this intense look on her little face.  She goes especially bananas for animals, but sometimes she'll react even to simple changes of lighting or specific people or sounds.  She went through a James Spader phase when in the first season of Blacklist (he does have a mesmerizing voice and swagger), but that's since faded.

And what better way to relax in front of the tv than with a big bowl of popcorn?  Notice Rosy's double fisting the popcorn because she's a greedy popcorn monster.

Picture evidence of Rosy's tv and popcorn addictions.


  1. Oh this is so cute I can hardly stand it. My pug Willieman doesn't do the tongue thing and I love the tongue thing. Very fun post.

  2. Have you tried the pickle popcorn from Trader Joe's? It's amazingly delicious!!

  3. My little pug loves to watch TV too and she goes mad when any animals come on! Very cute girls.