Friday, November 13, 2015

Fashion Show

There are many promises I made to myself before adopting my pugs that I have since broken. I never intended to let my pugs lay on my brand new fabric couch, and now I've switched to all leather furniture and we camp out on the sofa together all the time. I never intended to let them onto my bed, and now I often wake up to a pug butt in my face with another pug snuggled next to me under the duvet.

But I really thought I'd hold to my last promise - to not become a crazy dog lady who dresses up her pugs. Nope. Sorry. Broken.

I've now moved beyond dressing my pugs in functional coats and sweaters for the cold weather and have bought mohawk hoodies, costumes, and even onesies. Yes, I am that crazy pug lady. And I accept that.

Today I ordered three more onesies. Yaaassssss. 


  1. Ha ha haaaa!!!! They are adorable.

  2. I love your pugs' clothes and reallllly want those onesies for my pugs too!

  3. They look adorable and it looks like they don't mind being fashionistas. The mohawk hoodies are awesome. My pug hates wearing costumes.

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