Friday, October 2, 2015

Rain + Stubborn Pugs = Frowny Face

Ugh. Rain. So much rain. Such stubborn pugs. Bah!

This morning Sunny launched a poop strike. I expected it and thought I was prepared for it, but I'm no match for a stubborn pug.

After a few minutes outside, Rosy did her thang and so I let her back inside. But Sunny. Oh Sunny. We were outside for 30 minutes. 30 long minutes.

I was determined to outlast Sunny, to hold firm. But she won. I was already late to work and Sunny looked so pathetically sad with her head and tail hanging low. Plus she wouldn't move. At all. As soon as Sunny was inside, her tail curled up and she pranced about the house in victory. I'm sure she'll leave a consolation prize for me on the floor when I get back home.


I hope my neighbors didn't see my mini meltdown when I stomped my feet and shouted "JUST POO ALREADY!" But at least it inspired today's drawing. I forgot to draw shadows and actual ground but I didn't realize it until after I edited the photo, so *shrug*.

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