Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer (with pugs)

Summer! I shake my first at your hot & humid gross weather & mosquitoes!

I have probably over two dozen mosquito bites on my legs. My legs. That's not even counting the ones I've gotten on my arms, my neck, my back, and my ear (Ear?! Who does that?!).  I don't want to spray myself each time I walk the dogs (that's at least 3x a day) and the natural alternatives don't work (my mosquitoes laugh at citronella, lavender, lemongrass, etc.), so now I'm covered in bug bites.

People tell me to just keep moving all the time when I'm outside, but that's easier said than done with an extremely stubborn, lazy, easily distracted senior pug. Sometimes she even sits in the middle of the sidewalk, the street, or neighbors' yards. So frustrating. But she's old, sweet, and had such a rough first few years before I adopted her, so I let her get away with it. I just smile at her cute face and scratch my millions of big bites.

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