Friday, September 4, 2015

Fountain of Youth

I always like to joke (and by joke, I mean say with a smile but deep down really really mean it) that if I ever found the Fountain of Youth I'd make sure Sunny & Rosy got some too.

Been thinking about how much older the girls look since I first got them. Sunny will be turning 11 and Rosy will be turning 6 in October. Why do they have to get old so quickly?! Stay young and live forever!


  1. I know this probably won't help but I'm forever heartbroken if I only think about the possibility of my pug not spending the rest of my life with me. He's 6 now and while he still has a lot of time, it saddens me and makes me want to cry. Mortality is stupid when it comes to pets.

  2. Aww, my heart is right there with you. Our Sammy will be 9 in November. Let me know if you find that Fountain of Youth!

  3. Gosh I feel the same exact way!!! I was an LVT (Licensed Vet Tech)- when my Jezi (Jezebel Bean) was handed to me straight from her Pug momma's womb- when I worked in the ICU of an emergency hospital in AZ! She started getting gray at the ripe old age of 2 yrs. and at first I called them "highlights"! But now at 7yrs she looks so much older than she is! Her once fully black face is now gray :(
    It's so hard being a Vet Tech and having to see pets being euthanized every day and their grieving owners! I can't help thinking of that day with my Jezi- I literally torture myself with the thought! So hard- they are our children (in my case more so since I have no human children) and to know they will likely pass before us is cruel!
    You have beautiful Pugs- thank you for sharing their lives with us fellow Pug lovers!

  4. Just want to say how much i enjoy your posts and the delight they bring to my days. Every single one of your adventures with Sunny and Rosy really resonates with me since i've an eight-year old pug too. Really wish these bundles of joy can live forever! I really dread the day when she will no longer be with me :( But i think the best that we can do is just to treasure our moments together.

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