Monday, January 6, 2014

Stay Warm Out There!

Hope everyone is staying warm and indoors during this cold snap! Remember in these low temperatures dogs shouldn't be outside long and their paws will get very cold. I foresee a poop strike over the next 24 hours, and maybe even the elusive pee strike.

Join these lil cozy puggerpillars for a nap maybe?


  1. Will do! Soldier (pit bull) likes to sleep indoors at night; but he cuddles with Sheegwa (siamese cat) when he does decide to sleep outside. Thankfully, Soldier knows when to step out to use the John. Hahah

  2. Cuddle your pugs and keep yourself warm. I have guinea pigs they are small but great neck warmers!

  3. Already on poop strike here in Michigan! Snow is taller than the Puglets and they hate it :)