Monday, June 24, 2013

Unlazy Days of Summer

Unfortunately I have a project at work that got a crazy unrealistic rush deadline and so I may not be posting that much in the next few weeks.  No lazy fun summer days for me.  I'll try to post drawings when I can.  I'm quite cranky about it and the dogs are concerned this will cut into our snuggling time.  Bah!


  1. I'm a writer, and I'm having the same kind of summer. I feel like the kid that has to stay indoors to practice violin while the rest of the kids are playing outside!

    Good luck with your deadline and THANK YOU for this wonderful blog. My pugs and I enjoy it tremendously and we'll be glad for whatever you can post.

  2. Hey, are you the author of all those drawings? i ve just enter your blog for the fist time :)

  3. My advice is to ditch your day job, and make millions with your puggy drawings, cartoons, coffee mugs, hats, coasters, keychains, t-shirts, tv show...