Friday, February 24, 2012


I did two drawings for this week's Illustration Friday theme (capable) during my lunch hour. I may rescan these when I get home since I had to fiddle with the exposure and contrast a lot to fix the horrible indoor lighting. I thought this was a pretty tricky theme this week!

First up, my pug is capable of manipulating me so well with her one constant sad facial expression. Seriously, this is why she's so chubby and why I have often sacrificed my own comfort for hers.

Next I've been wanting to do a puggerpillar transformation drawing after I saw a few photos on Pinterest with real pugs. Sad lil puggerpillar didn't think she'd ever be a puggerfly, but with a little patience she is capable of making big changes!

So yet another pug drawing. I have been having major drawer's block recently and so I'm hoping some new art supplies I ordered recently will help get the creative juices going! Happy Friday!


  1. We're gonna need a bigger wingspan....

  2. Hahaha I can so relate. My dog is often on my feet underneath my desk and I stay all cramped up for ages so as not to disturb the little troublemaker! And yeah, he's just a teeny bit spoiled, too.

    Puggerpillar transformation is inspired! (And I love DSM's comment lol)

  3. reminds me of a couple of spoiled dogs that I know.

  4. Haha I agree Cindy and DSM. Actually I don't think any wings will do. To get that kind of weight in the air we may need a jet fuel pack.

    Gotta love the spoiled dogs! Have us all wrapped around their paws!