Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainbow Bridge (Sister's Request)

One of my sisters was generous enough to give me some new watercolors for my birthday and then promptly demanded a picture using said watercolors.  Since she gave me such nice paints, I agreed.  My sister has been fortunate to have three great dogs in her past, but unfortunate to have them pass away, one very recently.  So she wanted a recreation of my previous rainbow bridge (here) but with her three dogs together.  Since this was for my sister, I started with a pencil sketch and then went over it in pen and erased the pencil marks.  Here's the cleaned up ink sketch.
I wanted to have all three dogs doing something typical of their personalities and habits.  My sister's first chihuahua/pomeranian mix is in the lower left - her lil singing fox.  Her pug is on the right, gorging on hamburgers and kalbi (notice all the biscuit flowers nearby the pug are gone since she ate them).  And her most recent departure her second chihuahua/pomeranian mix is sitting on top of numerous plush comfy beds.  All three dogs' collars are nearby them.

I did some of the painting below, but need to touch up a few spots still.  The pug's lack of a shadow is bugging me the most.  But I got waylaid by weekend plans and a bad head cold.  I loved using watercolors again, but I missed the gouache a bit when trying to color in the trees.  Oh, and good watercolor paper makes ALL the difference.


  1. What a wonderfully sweet painting! And even sweeter that it's for your sister. I'm so sorry to hear about her recent loss. It's always tough to lose a part of your family. What dog -- or human, for that matter -- doesn't love kalbi. Oh wait -- I know a dog who didn't like meat. But he loved kimchee. Go figure!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your comment. It is always hard to lose a member of the family. And I have not met a meat-eating person/animal who doesn't love kalbi! I can't believe you met dog who didn't but loved kimchi! Kimchi is definitely an acquired taste, and spicy!