Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekday v. Weekend Mornings

Unfortunately my pugs are the worst alarm clocks ever. On weekday mornings they oversleep and laze about in the bed well past the alarm going off. In fact this morning when I woke up Rosy was still snoring and didn't even stir when I moved the blanket and left the room.

On weekends though they are determined to wake me up early. Rosy's favorite tactic is trying to sit on my face as I push away her butt (does she do this when I'm sleeping?? Has her butt been scooting all over my face as I sleep each night??). Sunny likes to luck my face with her big slobbery tongue and stand on my chest (little paws of pain!).

So the above drawing is a typical weekday morning. So hard to get up when the pugs are acting cute and sleepy!

And the bottom drawing is my tropical weekend morning. Augh butt kisses and slobber!
And here's my pugs in real life in bed. Sleepy bunny armsing blobs...
And spot stealing, wiggly, and heavy fur balls.
And for those who may be thinking that waking up to pug kisses is delightful, picture this slurping across your face, including making contact with your mouth, nose and eyes. 


  1. Butts mean love! Great drawings!!!

  2. Hahahaha! That's a pretty fair representation of pug kisses, alright!

  3. Lol I call Scooter a Bed Nugget because he doesn't like to get up either. It is too funny how pugs are. We are expecting a puppy August 1st and Scooter will probably get all bent out of shape about it but I know they will be puggy freinds, he will teach her all things pug.

  4. Oh my. The tongue photo is terrifying. Hahhha It looks like a sea creature! Sounds like they have their schedules backward!

  5. haha love this. but my pugs like to get up early everyday because they want to eat. they drive me nuts - they sneeze on our faces, walk all over us and start licking the bed. ugh. don't they know i need my beauty rest?!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. Cute! This really reminds me of my little pack this morning. I woke up to both dogs and my cat laying around me on the bed, reluctant to wake up with the alarm clock.

    I really love that last photo!

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