Friday, May 30, 2014

Bad Girls

My sister and I often like to ask each other, "So how are your bitches?"  When I was little, my sister would get a kick out of referring to our dogs as bitches and when I'd protest she'd look innocently at me and say, "What?  They're female dogs?  What did you think I mean?"

People wouldn't know it from my interactions with them nowadays but I used to have such a temper when I was young and I never really held back in fights (probably from growing up with two fellow temperamental sisters).  One of my friends' favorite stories about me was in college when I had a frenemy who I would have a huge blow out fight with once a year.  Really he was more just an enemy but he hung around my roommate and me all the time because he was in love with my roommate all four years.  You could practically predict when it would happen because I think a year was as long as we could tolerate each other before really getting on each other's nerves.  During one of our fights over the phone he called me a bitch and I yelled back, "Well I'm not a nice person so get over it!" and then slammed the phone against my desk repeatedly before hanging up.  My other friends, who were all in the room staring agog at me, burst out laughing as soon as I hung up the phone.  I've since learned to control my temper better, but sometimes it still gets the better of me!

Sunny and Rosy can be such bad girls too.  Do you like how badass Sunny especially looks here? I started off drawing it with the idea of making us all look the same, but somehow Sunny's slouch and sunglasses just make her look more thug.

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  1. I freaking LOVE Sunny's slouch and her eyebrows in this pic!