Thursday, January 31, 2013

B*tches Be Driving Me Crazy

My sister and I have always had female dogs so when our dogs are acting badly we like to tell each other that "these bitches be driving me crazy!"  Of course this is all tongue in cheek because we love our dogs and even when they're acting up, they're usually still cracking me up.  But this past week they've been especially naughty.  At some point this week every single one of these things has happened at least once.  If I had room I would've also added Sunny going ballistic and trying to chase the UPS truck twice this week.


  1. The incessant licking will drive you crazy. Especially when you're trying to sleep.

  2. My silver back fawn pug Bella is incessantly licking Bailey (little black pug) ear as I type this, slurp slurp slurrrrp! Sometimes Bailey really leans into it and other times she let's Miss Bella know she's had enough.

    Not to be gross, but do your pugs every try to lick each others rear ends? Especially when those "special glands" require expressing? Mine do! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    Along with the occasional poo eating and digging in the cat box if they can get to it, I'd have to say the rear end licking is about the grossest thing they do. Well, the puke eating....yeah, that's pretty gnarly too. You have to wonder what is so fascinating about the puke?

  3. haha. we've had quite a week too - bowie keeps peeing on stuff in the house which is not fun. we're going to go buy him a bellyband or diaper or something tonight. also, rosie looooves to lick everything, especially the kitchen floor. i'll see her little tongue marks everywhere. so gross! (but yes, i'd never trade them, as annoying as they can be at times!)

  4. Never fails...right after cleaning my glasses on of my pug sneezes or snorts all over my face.

  5. Yes! The incessant licking, ugh! Knightley is also a pro at not allowing me to get his collar/leash on, because he's TOO EXCITED to go outside.

    Love this!